Comedian Katt Williams Arrested AGAIN After Police Raid Discovers ‘Large Quantities’ Of Marijuana & Weapons At Residence

katt williams arrested again


On Tuesday, it was revealed that comedian Katt Williams was arrested after police officers found marijuana and firearms in his residence. It’s said that these items were discovered when the authorities were serving the Wild ‘N Out star with a search warrant.


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According to the Hall County Sheriff’s Office in Georgia, the warrant was issued as a part of an investigation after one of Mr. Williams’ bodyguards claimed that the funnyman had him assaulted with a baseball bat and choked out. The employee claims the aggression was brought on when he refused to “engage in criminal activity” on the 42-year-old’s behalf. Oh man!

While the security detail expert said Katt issued death threats, he did also note that the attack was carried out by others in the group. That’s just awful!

During the raid, the cops found “large quantities” of weed as well as several firearms. Well that’ll get you into some trouble!

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Since the raid, Katt’s been reportedly booked for aggravated assault, terroristic threats, and false imprisonment. Although, the police have relayed that they WILL be slapping on additional drug and weapons charges.

What’s crazzzy is that this recent run in with the law is fourth legal hiccup for the celeb within a couple weeks. Most recently, Katt’s been accused of holding five women at gun point, attacking a pool store clerk, and getting into a scuffle in El Lay!

Someone’s going to have to deal with some major attorney fees. Stay tuned to get more updates on this bizarre story!

[Image via Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Mar 9, 2016 7:51am PDT

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