ANOTHER Chipotle Closed Down Due To Norovirus Fears — Get The Icky Deets!

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There have been way too many health scares at popular Mexican food chain Chipotle lately, and it looks like things aren’t getting any better.

A Chipotle restaurant in the Billerica, Massachusetts closed on Tuesday after one employee was diagnosed with a norovirus infection — and two more were suspected.

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The chain is extremely cautious about the norovirus as it has caused two of the chain’s food scares in the past few months.

Luckily, Sandra Giroux, of the Billerica Board of Health, said that the employees:

“…called in sick. Chipotle has voluntarily shut down and are throwing away all of the food items in the store and are sanitizing everything according to their new protocol.”

The cleaning process that Billerica location used was a practice run for some of the new safety procedures that have been implemented by Chipotle as a result of their recent food infection problems.

Doug Powell from the food safety site told Reuters of the process:

“It is an indication that the system is working.”

So this is actually GOOD news?? Hmm…

Does it still turn you off from grabbing a burrito at Chipotle?!

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Mar 10, 2016 2:16pm PST

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