Justin Bieber Bails On His Bar Tab To Avoid A Drunken Brawl — Oops!

justin bieber bar tab

Bad boy!

On Thursday, it was reported that while in Seattle, WA Justin Bieber totally bailed on a $130 bar tab after getting into a heated exchange that almost led to a brawl. Uh oh!

In case you forgot, the Sorry singer was in the Emerald City in order to kick off his world tour this Wednesday evening — way to start off on the right foot, man!

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It’s said that over the weekend the Biebs and seven of his buds stopped by The Whisky Bar and ordered a round of shots. A source noted that the A-lister and his squad asked for a mid-range blend and got GlenDronach, which just happens to be a 12-year-old scotch that costs $15 per shot.

The more you know! Reportedly, J.B. and his crew stepped outside to smoke cigarette and unfortunately never returned to pay the bill. The group was even caught on a surveillance camera leaving the bar.

A member of Justin’s team has since revealed that things got complicated when a female fan asked the pop star for a pic and was denied by one of his dancers. Supposedly, a man who was with the fan got upset over the rejection and started yelling and making a scene.

Rather than risk getting into a fight, the crew decided it was best to flee the scene. The insider also added that one of Bieber’s bodyguards was responsible for paying the tab but never got to it as the scene got intense. Oops!

However, the 22-year-old has since made amends with the establishment by paying for his tab. Phew!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

Mar 10, 2016 7:29am PDT

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