Major TV Networks Are Reportedly Rejecting Lane Bryant Commercials Featuring Plus-Size Models

Ashley Graham

Ughhh. Not again.

Lane Bryant has a sexy new campaign for Spring 2016 featuring Ashley Graham and other plus-sized models in their lingerie — and it’s reportedly being rejected “as is” from major TV networks.

Why, you ask?

While no exact reasoning was provided, sources believe it’s a size issue and not a problem with nudity — considering ads with thinner women (*cough* Victoria’s Secret) doing the same thing are already airing.

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The beautiful commercial shows a series of body-confident women saying lines like:

“This body is made for turning heads.
This body is made for proving them wrong.
This body is made for being bold, powerful, and sexy.”

What an inspiring message that we think should be shared with the masses!

We’re really hoping there’s more to the story here, but we will keep you updated.

You can watch the full ad HERE.

[Image via Lane Bryant.]

Mar 10, 2016 9:41am PDT

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