Knife Found At O.J. Simpson Estate Is Most Likely NOT The Murder Weapon, According To LAPD Spokesperson!

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Well duh, Ryan Murphy hasn’t decided how this case is going to end yet. Ha!

America once again found itself captivated by the Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman murders last Friday after it was reported that a knife had been found at the former home of O.J. Simpson 18 years ago!

The LAPD was at first stingy with details about the knife held onto by retired officer George Maycott for all this time, and while a medical examiner originally stated the weapon was capable of inflicting “mortal wounds,” that no longer seems to be the case.

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Ricardo Hernandez of the LAPD Media Relations Office spoke to People about the knife on Thursday, suggesting that the potential break in the case was just a red herring, saying:

“We can’t say for sure that it is or it isn’t; [but] it appears that it isn’t [the murder weapon.]

More tests are going to have to be conducted before we can determine if that was the weapon used.”

This new information paired with the Associated Press‘ report from Wednesday that the blade is most likely just a gardening tool means we’re probably nowhere closer to finding the real murder weapon.

O.J. himself was never at risk of facing criminal charges based on any new evidence due to double jeopardy, but we’re sure Nicole and Ron’s families were hoping for more news.

This sure will make for a good twist in season 22 of American Crime Story though!

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Mar 10, 2016 12:51pm PDT

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