Are Chelsea Clinton & Ivanka Trump No Longer Friends Because Of Their Parents’ Vicious Presidential Campaigns?

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This story is like a platonic version of Romeo & Juliet!

According to Politico, Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump have suspended their friendship over their parents’ presidential campaigns. Apparently the mud slinging between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has become SO bad that it’s unclear if their relationship will ever recover.

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For those who do’t know, Chels and Ivanka share many common bonds, including privileged, public, and at times scandalized upbringings. As adults, they’re linked by their decision to raise kids in New York City and their husbands’ friendship.

An insider described the duo’s relationship:

“They genuinely relate to each other and care about each other and ran in the same circles.”

The associate added:

“They both feel in their own way a massive responsibility to do something with how they were raised. Both are really ambitious, both feel obligated to do something valuable.”

To make the pair’s bond even MORE interesting, Ms. Trump even donated to Hillary’s 2008 presidential campaign against President Barack Obama. The generous donation came on the heels of the Clinton’s attending Donald’s 2006 wedding to Melania Knavs.

Cut to 2016 and things are less than cordial between the feuding families. From Don poking fun at Bill Clinton‘s affair to Hil referring to her opponent as a misogynist, the bad blood has become overwhelming for Chelsea and Ivanka.

According to a confidante, the ladies have made the decision to not be seen in public together until November. In short, the gorgeous gals have put an indefinite pause on their friendship.

Despite the two’s decision to cut ties for now, they don’t hold each other accountable for their parents’ actions:

“I don’t think Chelsea thinks Ivanka is controlling her dad. I don’t think she blames Ivanka.”

How mature and fair! It also makes a TON of sense since no one can control the INSANE mogul.

We just hope these two are able to mend their alliance down the road… but we’re not holding our breath!

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Mar 11, 2016 1:58pm PDT

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