Video Seems To Show Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager DID Assault Journalist Michelle Fields — And Now She’s Pressing Charges!

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What a weird series of events.

If you haven’t been following the case of Donald Trump‘s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski allegedly assaulting Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields, please allow us to catch you up:

Michelle was attending a Donald Trump press conference in Florida on Tuesday night when someone reportedly used force in an attempt to bring her down to the ground to make room for the GOP front-runner.

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The alleged attack was in response to her asking a “tough” question.

Washington Post reporter Ben Terris and Michelle concurred it was Lewandowski who touched her mere moments after the attack took place, but Corey denied the reports on Twitter on Wednesday, writing:

After news broke of the altercation, The Donald took a moment at Thursday’s Republican National Debate to publicly deny anyone from his team was involved.

Obviously enraged by his claims, Michelle then shared a photo of her injuries online, saying:

On Friday, it was revealed that Michelle had filed a Police report and the case is currently under investigation.

However, throughout the day day varying audio and video of the assault surfaced online, placing the blame on multiple individuals in Trump’s secret service.

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Thankfully, The Daily Beast FINALLY found video that clearly shows that Corey did in fact grab Michelle’s arm.

Ch-ch-check it out for yourself and see if you think he’s guilty (below)!!!

It doesn’t end there — amongst all of the confusion, Breitbart spokesperson Kurt Bardella actually resigned after starting a lynch mob mentality against both Ben AND Michelle.

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This is one of the craziest stories to come out of Washington recently — especially if Trump ends up losing his right had man to jail. LOLz!

Corey could now face criminal charges, but Donald Trump’s camp has yet to address the newest information out of the scandal.

Get well soon, Michelle!

[Image via The Weekly Standard/Twitter.]

Mar 11, 2016 4:46pm PDT

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