Stacey Dash Poo-Poos Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar Acceptance Speech — See Why She Thought It Was Such A Waste!

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Still trying to remain relevant, we see…

Stacey Dash is one of the most awkward pseudo-celebs out there, and since it’s been a while since she’s had a scandal on her hands, she has decided to poke fun at Hollywood’s golden boy!

Leonardo DiCaprio finally won his Oscar this year for his work in The Revenant 23 years after his first nomination, and almost every single person in the world is excited for him — except for good ol’ Stacey.

Video: Leo’s Politically Charged Oscars Speech

The controversial FOX News pundit “congratulated” the actor in a rather random blog post on Thursday before comparing him to Chicken Little, saying:

“Leonardo DiCaprio’s Oscar was truly a well deserved win. DiCaprio’s speech, you could tell, was planned ahead of time. He knew he had it. Though I’ve not seen his film yet, I hear it’s great.

But part of his speech was too much.

He reminds me of Chicken Little, the bird who ran around the neighborhood and disturbed everyone ‘with her foolish alarm.'”

She would be a global warming denier.

Stacey did go on to say that she disliked the speech because there are worse things going on in the world, like “twenty first century NAZIS to deal with and North Koreans playing with nukes.”

Those are also very impending issues, but why fault Leo for never losing focus on the environment? After all, once we get past everything else, we still have to live here on Earth!

What do U think about Stacey’s latest attempt to remain relevant comments??

[Image via ABC.]

Mar 11, 2016 12:43pm PDT

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