Corey Gamble Reportedly Wants A Bigger Allowance From Kris Jenner… You’ll Never Believe How Much He Makes Now!

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Wait, Corey Gamble gets an allowance from Kris Jenner?!

According Ok Magazine, Corey wants MORE MONEY from Kris… and it’s tearing their relationship apart.

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Here’s the crazy thing — Gamble is reportedly raking in $20,000 a month for catering to Jenner’s needs and performing everyday “tasks”. The situation is a bit confusing since C.G. is already working for Justin Bieber as his tour manager… doesn’t he have an actual career to focus on?!

In addition to servicing K.J. in the bedroom (sorry, we had to go there), Mr. Gamble is also her “official masseur” and often babysits Kourtney Kardashian‘s kids.

Wait… does Ms. Jenner not know what a maid or assistant is? It’s seems like she’s confused!

Given all of his errand running, Corey thinks he deserves a lot more cash:

“He makes around 20k a month plus expenses but he wants way more than that to stick around. He figures that with all the other chores Kris gives him it’s nowhere near enough.”

LOLZ! Gamble wants more a month than some people pay a year for college… for changing Reign Disick‘s diapers and courting Kourtney around the bars. Awesome.

Not only does Kris’ man piece thinks he deserves more dollars, but he thinks he’s owed more respect too:

“Corey’s restless. He’s sick of being pushed around and is speaking up for himself a lot more these days.”

Corey. Did Caitlyn Jenner‘s past few decades teach you NOTHING?!

Wait… so why does the road manager stick around?

A source revealed:

“She sold him on how she’s making him famous.”


Do YOU think Kris should cut Corey off?

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Mar 13, 2016 6:05pm PDT

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