Aaron Carter Goes OFF On Road Rage Driver, Calling Him A ‘B*tch’ During Shouting Match — Get The Deets!

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Let’s all calm down and take a breather!

We’re not sure if supporting Donald Trump has lead to some extra rage, but Aaron Carter needs to cool off a bit, even if he is standing up to drivers with road rage!

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The blond cutie was recently driving around with his dog in Malibu when all of a sudden a driver in a Volvo lost his mind and laid on the horn at a busy intersection.

Apparently the driver was furious and blaming Carter for making him miss the light — awww, poor baby, you have to wait a full extra minute or two? Not too surprisingly, the driving flipped a middle finger at Aaron and was probably saying some pretty nasty things.

Well the Dancing With The Stars alum wasn’t taking any of it as he pulled into a gas station, got out of the car with his dog — for backup we guess — and challenged the driver to a fight!

While the driver of course stayed in his car, Nick Carter‘s lil bro kept yelling at the driver, even calling him a “b*tch,” and saying he’ll get the driver’s plates and have him arrested. We have no idea on what grounds, but we guess sometimes anger gets the better of you?

The best part of the incident came when the driver told Carter to “go home” and the musician responded by saying “oh, you mean my $2 million mansion?” LOLz!

What do you think of Aaron letting the angry driver get to him?!

[Image via Patrick Hoffmann/WENN.]

Mar 14, 2016 8:15am PDT

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