Rita Ora Says Madonna Asked Her To Kneel The First Time They Met! Read The Strange Story HERE!

Um. What?

Is anyone else’s Diva Detector going off right now?

While speaking at Glamour‘s Beauty Festival over the weekend, Rita Ora revealed the interesting experience she had when she met Madonna for the first time!

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The blonde beauty explained she was super excited to introduce herself to the music legend, saying:

“I was once doing a charity event and I met my idol Madonna, I was waiting for her and I was shivering. And my sister said to me, ‘Are you OK? You look really crazy.’ And I was like, ‘I think I am going to be sick’. And Madonna walks in with lighting all around her.”

But when she approached the Bitch I’m Madonna singer, the British babe revealed that the superstar actually asked her to kneel!

She spilled:

“I said, ‘Hi, it is so nice to meet you’ and she was like, ‘This is the lighting here [points to the lights]. Can you just kneel down here on the floor?'”

The Black Widow performer continued:

“I was like ‘OK’, so I kneeled down on the floor and we had this conversation where I was on the floor.”

While that seems like SUCH a diva move, the 25-year-old totally didn’t seem to mind! She defended the icon’s behavior, confessing:

“Can you believe that? But that is Madonna and she can do whatever she wants. That was major. Everything is a learning curve.”

Well that’s very graceful of Rita, but what do U think about that, Perezcious readers?

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Mar 14, 2016 9:21pm PST

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