The Women Of The Walking Dead Slayed In Last Night’s Kick-Ass Lady-Centric Episode! Read Our Full Recap!

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The ladies stole the show on last night’s episode of The Walking Dead, which featured almost entirely female characters!

The battle between Rick’s survivors and Negan’s Saviors continued in the gynocentric episode. And while there was a lack of dudes, there was certainly no shortage of bloody carnage!


As the rest of the group was taking down Saviors headquarters, Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Carol (Melissa McBride) got captured by Saviors who survived Rick’s strategic attack — and they weren’t playing around!

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Under the order of stone cold redhead Paula (Alicia Witt), the remaining Saviors took Carol and Maggie back to a second secret hideout in an abandoned slaughterhouse.

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As Paula debated trading the women for another Savior taken hostage by Rick, Carol put on an award-winning performance as a cowardly, whimpering wuss — telling her captors that her group had been acting out of fear of Negan, to which they responded by saying:

“We’re all Negan.”


After the scared housewife act fooled everyone, Carol escaped her bonds within seconds and went to find Maggie, who was taken away for questioning.

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├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣While Carol merely wanted to escape, Maggie had other plans — to kill them all!

At this point, the quiet episode turned into a bloodbath when Mags used a wounded zombified man as bait and beat one of the captors to death with a handgun! Yikes!

And Carol got in on the slaying herself, shooting a lady captor in the head and entering an intense scuffle with Paula — who wound up impaled, with her face being consumed by starving walkers. That’s what you get for underestimating Carol!

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The last savior was executed by Rick right before the episode ended, and his last words hint that we haven’t seen the last of the saviors, as he says:

“I’m Negan.”

Get in line, buddy!

It was already announced that the real Negan will be introduced in the upcoming finale, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Clearly he’s got a real Spartacus thing going…

Like most finales, fans can expect an epic conclusion to season six. Speaking to, McBride teased how crazy and phenomenal the upcoming finale is, saying:

“It was so very dark. I couldn’t say anything after I had finished reading [the script]. I felt like I had dropped into a blackhole.”

Considering how dark this ep was, that’s really saying something!

Watch the final episodes of The Walking Dead on Sundays at 9 p.m. EST on AMC!

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Mar 14, 2016 10:52am PDT

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