Wiz Khalifa Is All About His Weed Empire — Promises To Do ‘Something Nobody’s Ever Done’

Wiz Khalifa

If we trust anyone to make a successful brand of weed, it would definitely be Wiz Khalifa!

As we told you last month, the Grammy-nominated rapper announced his partnership with RiverRock Cannabis to sell an exclusive line of regulated cannabis products specifically designed by Wiz himself — appropriately called “Khalifa Kush.”

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Even though the See You Again songwriter has always been an advocate of marijuana, he admits he didn’t initially have plans to start a business. He tells GQ:

“It was never really a goal of mine to get into the business, it developed over the past two or three years and became much more serious. My goal was literally just to get a weed card. But then I started figuring out what you can do, and it just started making sense. That’s when I started building my business around it. Now we’re at a place where I feel we’re going to be able to do something nobody’s ever done before.”

As someone who is very public about lighting up, Amber Rose‘s baby daddy says he’s fully capable of functioning at a normal level when he’s under the influence of the drug:

“You train yourself to be alright. Weed’s been helping me out for a lot of years, so when you see somebody who is functioning — I’m the perfect example of that.”

There’s no doubt Wiz always keeps us entertained — and he credits a lot of that to his online presence:

“My fanbase is always going to be with the internet, so I just try to find new ways to keep those people entertained. As a fan myself, that’s what I look for. I know people need content, they just need stuff to look at. I keep that in the front of my mind; that I always have to supply that.”

We appreciate it!

Keep doing you, boo.

[Image via GQ.]

Mar 15, 2016 11:25am PDT

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