Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Is The Victim Of Prison Yard Beatdown — Details HERE

jared fogle beaten up

Looks like prison isn’t treating Jared Fogle very well!

On Wednesday, it was reported that the former Subway spokesman was the victim of jail yard beat down from a fellow inmate who is NOT happy that he is in the same prison as the scandalized celeb. Oof!

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Reportedly, documents show that the 38-year-old was jumped in the recreation yard of Colorado’s Englewood Prison back on January 29. Not surprisingly, it’s said that the weight loss pitchman didn’t put up much of a fight against his alleged attacker Steven Nigg.

The assault consisted of Steven pushing Jared to the ground and unleashing a series of punches to his face. Although the inmate (who is in on a weapons charge) walked away with minimal injuries, Fogle was left with a bloody nose, swollen face, and scratches on his neck.

DANGGGGG! Obviously, the 60-year-old prisoner was placed in solitary confinement for the altercation.

According to Steven’s family, who wasn’t surprised by the news, the convict isn’t thrilled that the low security facility keeps housing child sex predators and that Fogle was just the last straw. Yikes!

In case you forgot, Fogle is currently serving time after being convicted on child porn and sex crimes charges last year.

Jared’s attorney had no comment on the incident. Well, it’s not like his client is a saint

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Mar 16, 2016 7:57am PDT

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