Ariana Grande Continues Her Support For Kesha AND Addresses Sexual Assault Outside The Music Industry: ‘It Is Everywhere You Go’

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Don’t mess with this dangerous woman!

Kesha is currently wrapped up in the largest legal battle in all of Hollywood, and while the courts aren’t necessarily making things easy for her, most of her fellow pop stars have been busy voicing their support.

We’ve already heard how strongly Ariana Grande feels about her Dr. Luke lawsuit, and she’s only getting even more outspoken about sexual assault.

Video: Listen To Ariana’s New Song Dangerous Woman

The 22-year-old stopped by The NEW 92.3 AMP Radio on Wednesday to chat about her new album and title track Dangerous Woman and ended up discussing misogyny outside of the entertainment industry, saying:

“I don’t think this is specific to the music industry. I think in the world, there are lots of cases where misogyny and double standards are ever present. It is everywhere you go — there are husbands, men and women as well. There’s too much, it is too vast.

I’m an Italian, I know what I want. I was raised by dangerous women — my Nona, my Mom — they set a great example. They keep me balanced, they keep me down to earth, they guide me, they help me make decisions. I think just watching my mom has been the best prime example of what it means to be a dangerous woman, a strong woman who won’t let that happen, and I hope that I can set that I can set that example for my fans. I never want any male or female — any person that is listening to me or watching me — to feel like they have to do something that they don’t want to do ever.

What an AH-Mazing role model for her fans!

Plus, we’re sure Kesha is absolutely loving the unwavering support.

What do U think about Ari’s strong stance on sexual assault??

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Mar 17, 2016 2:03pm PDT

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