Ben Carson Is Cool With Donald Trump Calling Him A Child Molester — Because ‘A Lot Of People Believed Him’! Watch His Confusing Defense!

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Ben Carson totally forgives Donald Trump for calling him a child molester — but definitely NOT because the GOP frontrunner offered him a job!

The renowned neurosurgeon made a surprising move when he endorsed Trump this week, despite not being his biggest fan.

After it was revealed the presidential hopeful promised Carson a position in his administration, the former candidate admitted that while Trump might make a terrible POTUS, “we’re only looking at four years.”

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In the wake of that shining endorsement, Carson continued his rantings Wednesday evening when he told Yahoo News he doesn’t care about Trump calling him a child molester, saying:

“If it were about me, yes, I would be outraged, saying, ‘No way can I support this,’ but it’s not about me. [Trump] was concerned about the fact that he couldn’t shake me. I understand politics, and particularly the politics of personal destruction, and you have to admit to some degree it did work. A lot of people believed him. And when all those things were proven not to be true, they just sort of forgot about it.”

So, he supports Trump’s tactics in “personal destruction” and his penchant for deceiving people with false information?

We’re not sure if Carson is being certifiably loony or unapologetically mercenary here!

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He’s basically saying Trump can say whatever he wants and people will believe him — so why not hop aboard the crazy train to a cushy cabinet position when it reaches the White House??


Watch his full interview (below) hear Carson try to defend himself!

[Image via Yahoo News.]

Mar 17, 2016 11:47am PDT

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