Oprah Reveals Her Weight Watchers Tips & Tricks — First Step, Don’t ‘Think Of It As A Diet’

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Dieting doesn’t have to be a drag.

According to Oprah Winfrey in her hour-long Q&A with fellow Weight Watchers followers, if you focus on it as a “lifestyle change” instead of a “diet” — you’ll be much more successful!

With that said… Here are the best tips and tricks, straight from the 62-year-old mogul herself!

Miz Winfrey suggested to switch to fish, saying that her go-to meal includes either cod or barramundi:

“Seafood is your friend! Sea bass and salmon have more points.”

The OWN owner also says that jicama “gives a nice crunch” to any meal or snack.

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Winfrey admits to having cravings for greasy foods, which she satisfies by giving it a healthy remix!

For instance, if you want noodles, try incorporating spaghetti squash instead. If you’d live for potatoes, maybe combine the carb with nutritious cauliflower.


Another major key is to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water.

Oprah says:

“I don’t like water. I trick myself into drinking ginger-vanilla infused water.”

We’ll take it from her! The spokesperson is down over 30 pounds since switching up her eating habits.

Not only has her body changed, but her mentality has transformed as well:

“It’s not about the number. It’s the switch in my head that’s forever. I learned to be fully present. I think about what is the right next step, one breath at a time. I literally take a deep breath to remind myself I am here right now. I remind myself so it does not overwhelm me.”

Thanks for the tips, O!

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Mar 17, 2016 12:53pm PDT

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