The Internet Thinks Ted Cruz Was Secretly The Lead Singer Of Christian Metal Band Stryper! See The Evidence!

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The Internet REALLY wants to believe that Ted Cruz is living a double life!

Last month, rumours surfaced that the Republican candidate might actually be the Zodiac Killer, the uncaught murderer from the 1960s.

Now, the internet has chosen a new doppelganger for Cruz — this time, of the obscure metal band variety!

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People on social media have been comparing the presidential hopeful to the lead singer of Stryper — the greatest Christian hair metal band of the ’80s!

Cruz does bare a striking resemblance to frontman Michael Sweet — just trade the suit for a rocking blowout, and the two look like total twinsies:

I’m not saying Ted Cruz might be the lead singer of Stryper. I’m saying he’s DEFINITELY the lead singer of Stryper.
Posted by Michael Boulerice on Friday, March 11, 2016

The theory has become so widespread the To Hell With The Devil singer even got in on the conspiracy himself, quipping that he might have to postpone his tour (sweet plug there, Sweet) to get in on the campaign:

Well, the fact that the rocker joked about the resemblance kind of pokes a hole in the theory that they are the same person…

Or is that just what Ted Cruz/Stryper wants us to think!?

Mar 17, 2016 3:44pm PDT

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