Tom Hanks Speaks Out About The Lack Of Female Roles In Hollywood Saying There’s ‘No Reason For Them Not To Exist’!

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There has been a lot of talk this year about gender equality in Hollywood, especially with Jennifer Lawrence‘s essay about the pay gap.

Well everyone’s favorite actor Tom Hanks is joining the conversation as he talked a bit about the lack of female roles in films at last night’s New York premiere of My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.

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Hanks attended the sequel which both he and his wife Rita Wilson produced, and shared his feelings on the limited about of roles for women saying:

“It’s an economic rule that is broken over and over and over again and still it seems as though nobody pays attention to it.”

The 59-year-old went on to say:

“They write it off as a fluke, as an odd thing … and the fact is, there’s no reason for them not to exist.”

Rita even even chimed in to talk a bit about Nia Vardalos who both wrote and stars in My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the sequel and praised her saying:

“Isn’t that extraordinary? I mean she’s breaking the mold in Hollywood. When you look at all the movies that are out there, where are the women and where are women of all ages?”

Wilson continued by referencing a study about diversity lacking in 2014 films that showed that women made up less than one-third of all speaking characters in the top 100 grossing films for the year saying “it’s demoralizing.”

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Wilson also stated:

“Women are the holders of all the disposable income and yet nobody is marketing to us or giving us that power in terms of financing movies. I think that there’s a whole audience being ignored.”

As much as Tom and his wife are all about making sure women are well represented in films, they won’t just make anything as the Oscars winner said:

“They’ve got to be good movies, at the same time. If you leave it up to the bean counter by and large and say, ‘look, just slap some women in a movie, it doesn’t matter if it’s good or not, get it out there,’ then when it doesn’t do well, they’ll say, ‘see?!’ The rule that says there’s only so much room for women in movies is untrue, but I think everybody forgets that.”

What do you think of Tom and Rita’s comments?

Make sure you catch My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 when it opens March 25!

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Mar 17, 2016 2:45pm PDT

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