Rape Survivor AnnaLynne McCord Talks The Power Of Lady GaGa & Kesha Speaking Out About Sexual Abuse!

AnnaLynne McCord shares her support!

AnnaLynne McCord continues to inspire by speaking up about sexual abuse.

In case you don’t remember, the former 90210 star opened up in 2014 about being raped by a “friend” when she was 18-years old.

The actress has since been an activist for sexual abuse survivors, and in a new interview with People, she sends her support to Lady GaGa and Kesha, two stars who have most recently spoken out about their stories.

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AnnaLynne shared:

“You never know who you might be saving or inspiring by talking. To have these stars share their stories, it is so powerful to a survivor who might feel like nobody knows what they are feeling, who feels alone.”

And she continued:

“Thank you to every person who says, ‘I don’t care if you judge me or shame me, but this is my story and this is who I am.’ I’m not defined by this, but I will not stand by and allow it to be what brings me down.”

In February, the 28-year-old sent words of support to Kesha via Twitter after news of her denied injunction bid. And speaking about the lawsuit in her interview, she says the songstress is “giving the biggest F-U to her [alleged] abuser.”

Miz McCord was truly open speaking about sexual abuse, and the work that she’s doing to help other survivors:

“I’ve received thousands of emails from survivors after sharing my story, and I try to respond to every single one. To know the impact [my story] can have on these women and men has helped to solidify my own healing process and my passion or speaking out as much as I possibly can on this topic… I call it being bonded through tragedy. It’s something about the way the other person gets you, and you get it, and the connection is just there. Like, I know where you’re at and I know where you’ve been.”

Lastly, she added:

“There’s never any judgment and I feel acceptance and love with male and female survivors.”

Thank you, AnnaLynne!

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Mar 18, 2016 5:42pm PST

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