How To Get Away With Murder‘s Season Two Finale Shockers — See Who’s Dead & Who’s Leaving The Show HERE!

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Annalise Keating never seems to disappoint!

In Thursday night’s season two finale of How To Get Away With Murder titled Anna Mae, there were plenty of twists, turns, and shocking moments to make even Shondaland fans gasp!


In the beginning of the episode, Annalise (Viola Davis) returns home to Memphis, Tennessee to visit her mother Ophelia (Cicely Tysony) and confesses to her that she had a baby and it died.

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While that served as an incredibly emotional moment in the show, it certainly wasn’t the most shocking!

Not too surprisingly, that moment goes to Annalise as well when she reveals evidence that Caleb Hapstall (Kendrick Sampson) is the REAL serial killer the police are looking for after ADA Denver (Benito Martinez) attempts to press charges against Davis’ character!

Shortly after this, Caleb’s unconscious body is shown in a bloody bathtub. Duhn, duhn, duhn! Was this a murder or suicide?!

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Meanwhile, Wes (Alfred Enoch) continues to search for the truth about his mother’s death.

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Believing that Wallace Mahoney (Adam Arkin) is his father, Wes goes to confront him. As he approaches Mahoney, he says “I think I’m your son” just moments before Wallace is shot in the head from someone across the street! Will he ever discover the truth?!

One of the final shocking moments came from Frank (Charlie Weber) — when it appeared he was leaving town!

At the end of the episode, Frank had packed up his stuff and left his apartment behind, probably because of everything weighing on him.

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We mean, not only does his boss now know he was the person who killed Lila for her husband, but flashbacks also reveal Frank feels responsible for Annalise’s miscarriage years ago — because Frank helped Mahoney by bugging Keating’s room which lead to the car accident — which was an attempted hit — that caused her to lose her baby.

Whew! Does that mean he and his sexy beard are off the show?? Guess we’ll have to wait for next season to find out…

Talk about a finale!

What did you think of season two of HTGAWM?!

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Mar 18, 2016 11:01am PDT

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