Nancy Reagan Knew About Her 17-Year-Old Daughter’s Affair With A Teacher & Didn’t Say Anything! Sounds About Right…

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Why are we not surprised?

We were all totally heartbroken early last week when it was reported that former First Lady Nancy Reagan had passed away at the age of 94 due to congestive heart failure.

The actress-turned-politician’s wife wasn’t exactly known for encouraging public discourse when it came to taboo topics, which is why her daughter’s latest claims aren’t exactly shocking.

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Apparently, back in the mid-1960s, a 17-year-old Patti Davis had an affair with her teacher… and it turns out that Nancy knew about it all along and didn’t say a thing!

Patti, now 63 years old, wrote a letter in her mom’s honor for the March 21 issue of TIME where she recounted the affair, saying:

“Sitting with her high above the streets of Manhattan on a winter day, I told her I had been having an affair for nearly two years with my high school English teacher. He left my boarding school the same year I did, started teaching at a Midwestern college, and the idea was that we would be close enough geographically that we could still see each other. I had waited for his call all night in my Northwestern dorm room, when he said he would be arriving by train. He never showed up, never called; he stood me up and made a fool of me as he had many times before. On that long night I finally grew up enough to say it was over. I had wasted time on a fantasy that never had any possibility of materializing.

I can see my mother now as if it just happened days ago, not decades. Gray light spilled through the hotel window. She was wearing a chocolate brown sweater and a wool skirt. She was color-coordinated with the furniture. Her diamond wedding ring looked muted in that light. Her face, as I talked, was soft and tinged with tenderness. I realized she already knew.

‘I’ve known for a long time,’ she said finally. My parents had come to my Arizona high school and had met my English teacher. She’d intuitively figured it out and had kept silent about it for two years. ‘I don’t want your father to know,’ she told me. ‘It would really upset him.’

Gotta keep that image clean… right, Nancy?

While Patti seems to be thankful that her mother kept her secret for so long, we’re sure her ex-BFF Rock Hudson and all the victims of the AIDS crisis don’t remember her quite as fondly.

What other scandals do U think Nancy swept under the rug??

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Mar 18, 2016 12:47pm PDT

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