Tupac Shakur’s Momma Risks Losing Half Of Her Son’s Rap Fortune In Pending Divorce — Oh No!

tupac mom divorce drama

Well this isn’t good.

On Friday, it was revealed that Tupac Shakur‘s momma is getting divorced — and her husband of 12 years is coming for half of her son’s rap fortune. Uh oh!

It’s said that Afeni Shakur has filed for divorce from Gust Davis in North Carolina where the state isn’t required to divide everything down the middle. Well that’s good to hear, since reportedly the twosome did NOT sign a prenup before tying the knot.

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This divorce is certainly going to be complicated as the duo owns LOTS of property together. We mean, Davis has already vocalized that he wants to live on their 50 acre ranch in North Carolina and wants to snag the keys to the houseboats.

Not to mention, the minister is seeking to keep his Jaguar. This alleged greediness isn’t exactly what one would expect from a man of the cloth, right??

To make matters worse, Gust is seeking alimony from Afeni who supposedly rakes in $900,000 a year from her late son’s estate. Miz Shakur’s estranged husband claims, that after expenses, Afeni gets about $20,000 a month — and he wants half of it!

DANGGGG! Currently, Tupac’s momma is quietly living on a houseboat in Sausalito, CA and has been separated from her man for a little more than a year.

Nonetheless, Afeni isn’t going down without a fight as she has filed a motion that asks the judge to shut down Davis’ alimony request. Good luck, girl!

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Mar 18, 2016 11:09am PDT

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