More Bad News For Gawker — Hulk Hogan’s Punitive Damages Award Could Bring Him Nearly Half A BILLION Dollars From The Website!

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Lesson learned: don’t post celeb sex tapes.

After Gawker lost a massive $115 million judgment to Hulk Hogan over the posting of his sex tape, it seemed like the case was all said and done — well, until the appeal, that is.

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There’s only one thing: that $115 million only takes into account the compensatory damages that Gawker did when they published Hogan’s naughty nookie night on camera.

The punitive damages still have yet to be handed down, and a jury will next week decide how much to tack on to that figure.

Get ready, though, because punitive damages designed to punish defendants like Gawker that the court feels has intentionally done something wrong — are expected to be TRIPLE that $115 million claim.

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That means in total, Hogan — born Terry Bollea — could walk away with nearly $500 million from Gawker Media!

That… that would shut the site down pretty damn quick.


[Image via ITV.]

Mar 19, 2016 5:01pm PDT

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