Aaron Carter Says He’s Not Going To Vote At All After Receiving Death Threats For Supporting Donald Trump!

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Even if it’s bizarre and unfortunate that Aaron Carter does support Donald Trump, the man doesn’t deserve to be threatened over it…

And if the singer really did get death threats over his political support of the real estate mogul as he claimed, that’s sickening — not to mention illegal!

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On Sunday afternoon, Aaron tweeted that he’s now not even planning on voting after getting so much flack from Twitter users and others when he decided to publicly support The Donald!

It all started when a fan sent out a tweet to Carter about his upcoming single and political views (below):

Carter then responded to it, announcing his intention to abstain from the political process:

He even renews his claim that death threats came into play (below)!!!

And then he called out the hypocrisy of others over his treatment:

With his full statement (below):

“And I actually thinks it’s quite contradicting that people come at me for my beliefs but are doing the exact thing to me that they hate.”

No kidding!

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Hey, we may not agree with Carter’s decision to back The Donald, but we certainly agree that he has the freedom to be able to do that without his life being put on the line!

What do U think about all this?!

[Image via Guillermo Proano/Judy Eddy/WENN.]

Mar 21, 2016 1:02pm PST

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