Joe Giudice Isn’t Sweating His Impending Prison Sentence One Bit!

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Wait, does Joe Giudice know he’s going to JAIL?

In a recent interview with People, Joe played it cool when talking about his March 23 prison sentence for fraud related charges. According to the reality star, he’s totally cool with being locked up for nearly four years!

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Expressing his nonchalant attitude about the whole ordeal, Giudice mused:

“It’s not a big deal. They tell me that the low security and the camp there are almost the same so it’s no big deal.”

Hmm… “no big deal”? We guess this is what J.G. needs to tell himself in order to cope with the unfortunate situation!

The New Jersey resident went on to argue that his new home isn’t too bad, claiming:

“It’s a military camp is what it is. It’s not a high security, and anybody that’s in there is basically people that have already served a lot of time basically working their years to get out. So once you are there if you screw up there, then you go back to high security.”

Woah! Hopefully Joe doesn’t “screw up”!

Despite missing out on years of his children’s lives and seXXXy times with Teresa Giudice, the Italian is trying his best to see the bright side of his predicament. In fact, Joe is viewing his prison term as a chance at rehab!

The daddy explained:

“I’m looking at it like rehabilitation for me. I am not going to be able to drink for a while which is good because I don’t even know when it’s been since I haven’t had a drink. It’s been a long time. Definitely the whole year I definitely drank every day a couple bottles at night just to go to bed.”

Sounds like a good plan to us… we guess there’s no better place to get clean than prison! Who knows, maybe Mr. Giudice’s sobriety will inspire him to write a jail memoir like his wife!

Well, we just hope Tre gives her husband a few tips before he heads off to prison… she can make a mean potato log, after all!

Do YOU think Joe is being too blasé about his predicament?

Mar 21, 2016 12:11pm PDT

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