Kelly Osbourne Reveals Why She Doesn’t Care About Hurtful Labels Anymore!

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Kelly Osbourne has never been shy about her opinions!

In an essay for Mogul, Kelly got candid about her life in the public eye and the unfair labels she has endured over the years. According to Kel, the media has called her everything from a “spoiled brat” to “America’s Sweetheart”!

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Needless to say, the experience of having others judge her has been a trying experience. The former singer even admitted to having moments of wanting to wake up as someone else!

The television personality confided:

“I have been publicly labeled everything from a drug addict, fat, a racist, a spoilt brat, talentless, too skinny to America’s Sweetheart. As a result of this, I would do anything to not be me. I would go to bed praying to wake up anyone else but myself. I fed into the media stories, I played up to being a brat, and I was the definition of lost.”

Wow, we almost forgot about that time K.O. caused quite the stir on The View over her alleged racist comments… how time flies!

Luckily for Kel, she has been able to move past the emotional turmoil:

“One day, I woke up sick and tired of being sick and tired, and realized that the only thing that I will ever be, is me! So, why not be the best me that I can be because I am never going to be perfect or someone else. I discovered that I never wanted to be the skinniest, the prettiest, the smartest, the funniest, the tallest, and the best at anything! Because you know what? There will always be someone ‘better’. You can’t change who you are, but you can change your actions. My wish is that girls and women stop competing with each other and learn that we are our best allies.”

We’re so glad Ms. Osbourne was able to overcome her self-doubt! Way to go!

On a side note… we wonder if Sharon Osbourne‘s strong inner-confidence and nakey selfie inspired her daughter to move on from the haters!

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Mar 21, 2016 5:22pm PDT

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