Is Mariah Carey’s New Manager Causing The Rest Of Her Entourage To Quit? See How Many Have Already Abandoned Ship!

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Drama, drama, drama — save it for the TV audience!!

According to inside sources, there is BIG tension in Mariah Carey‘s camp, with several longtime employees apparently quitting after repeatedly butting heads with the singer’s manager, Stella Bulochnikov, all because of that dang reality show!!

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Sources reveal a whole list of Carey quitters, including her business manager Michael Kane, her international publicist Connie Filippello, domestic publicist Chris Chambers, tour manager Michael Richardson, travel manager Gaylin Winkler, and stylist Wilfredo Rosado — the man who designed her engagement ring!!!

A source very close to all the drama told PageSix that Bulochnikov, who hasn’t even been Carey’s manager for a full year, is allegedly taking over the Glitter star’s life with a very abrasive style:

“It seems as if Mariah has allowed a complete stranger, her new manager, to run her life, and others believe this woman is toxic. Seasoned executives in their profession don’t want to put up with her. Stella is hard to work with. Mariah doesn’t understand what’s going on because Stella paints a different picture, so Mariah probably thinks it’s petty disagreements. These are not just random people who have left her. These are loyal people who have been around for years, some 20.”

Stella, who was introduced to Carey by filmmaker Brett Ratner, was allegedly the one who wanted the singer on reality TV so badly, too:

“Stella has been using the TV platform to bad-mouth former people on the team on camera … She’s turning it into a reality show. She’s creating scenarios, and it’s not all about the shows in Vegas as she’s claimed. The show will definitely be trashy because it’s full of lies.”

Now, Bulochnikov has brought in her own bookkeepers and lawyers… and that apparently means sketchiness for Mariah’s employees:

“She hasn’t paid people, and they are threatening lawsuits.”

Now that’s just bad business!

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With Stella herself not returning reporter’s calls, and only anonymous sources going on the record, this whole story could be somewhat questionable…

But it’s also pretty questionable that Mariah would even agree to do a reality TV show in the first place, right?!

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire?? What do U think?!

[Image via Stella Bulochnikov/Instagram.]

Mar 21, 2016 11:02am PDT

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