Bristol Palin Claps Back At Commenter Who Insulted Her 7-Year-Old Brother For Wearing Donald Trump Swag!

bristol palin slams rude fan

C’mon guys!

On Monday, Bristol Palin took to Instagram to share a sweet snap of her 7-year-old brother Trig in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. Aww!

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The mother-of-two shared:

Well that’s very sweet. However, one follower didn’t like that the tiny tot was wearing gear that supported Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign and commented:

“Yep that’s Trumps target demographic ├░┼╕╦£ΓÇÜ├░┼╕╦£ΓÇÜ”

How awful! While we might not agree with Sarah Palin and her family’s support of the GOP frontrunner, no child should become the butt of a joke in that way.

Not surprisingly, Miz Palin was NOT happy when she saw that insulting note and clapped back:

“I wish I knew who you were, hope you don’t happen to be a nurse with any child with Down syndrome. You are pathetic.”

Oh snap! Nonetheless, the brunette beauty wasn’t the only member of the Palin family to give Trig a shout out.

In fact, the former Governor of Alaska took to her website and wrote:

“Trig Paxson Van Palin, thank you for all you do to help us see the beauty of life!”

Despite the unfortunate incident, were just glad to see that Trig has a great support system in his family.

[Image via Bristol Palin/Instagram.]

Mar 22, 2016 9:51am PDT

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