‘Maybe Drunk’ Justin Bieber Talks Kanye West, Haters, & Other ‘Real Sh*t’ In Concert Rant — Watch!

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You guys, Justin Bieber has something really important to say, OK?

The pop star kicked off his Purpose World Tour over the weekend, and late during his Saturday night show, the Biebs stopped performing and dropped some “maybe drunk” wisdom on the crowd!

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Sitting next to his DJ on stage, the Sorry singer apologized for not being Kanye West, acknowledging that while he was going to rant a little bit, he wasn’t going to go off for a half hour like the Four Five Seconds rapper is so famous for doing.

The Biebs then got really real for a minute, telling the audience something straight from the heart — or the bottle:

“Let’s be ourselves. I think the thing the world struggles with most is just being ourselves. I think people hate on people that just are themselves. Maybe I’m drunk. Maybe I’m just speaking real sh*t. But I feel like a lot of the reason why so many people hate on me is cause I’m just myself. You can hate on me for being myself, too, but I feel like if you just are yourself and are OK with being just yourself and making spontaneous decisions of just wearing whatever you wanna wear and doing whatever you wanna do.”

Sounds like his time with Marilyn Manson really got to his heart! Ha!!

Justin wasn’t done there, though:

“You’re gonna make bad decisions sometimes but you ultimately wanna make good decisions, so let’s try to make the best decisions we can possibly know or feel and let’s have a good night.”

Bad decisions like… posting a pic of you and ex Selena Gomez on IG for the whole world to see?!

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Bieber didn’t say to WHAT bad decisions he was referring.

But at least we know the 22-year-old was on that real talk Saturday night… or maybe he was just on that real alcohol…

Ch-ch-check out more from the video (below):

What do U make of this rant?!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

Mar 22, 2016 10:00am PDT

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