Whitney Port Denies Kristin Cavallari’s Claims The Hills Was Scripted! Who Do YOU Believe?

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The drama on this show was SO juicy — please say it wasn’t scripted! Ha!!

Even though Kristin Cavallari has suggested over the years The Hills was fairly well-scripted by producers before filming ever began, Whitney Port is now rushing to the show’s defense, alleging things didn’t quite happen like Kristin remembered!

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You’ll remember that nearly two months ago, Cavallari explained how the young cast were fed their lines:

“We never got an actual script, but they would text us what to say, so that to people around us, it would just look like we were looking at our phones, and then we’d talk about whatever.”

And now, Port is busting back!

Speaking at Daily Front Row‘s Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Sunday night, Port, 31, claimed the infamous MTV show wasn’t nearly as scripted as Cavallari has alleged:

“I wouldn’t put it as staged. Sometimes we had to make some situations more dramatic for the sake of making an entertaining TV show. But it’s not like we were ever given scripts.”

We can only hope! So which is it, ladies?!

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Because The Hills was so brilliantly and deliciously trashy… we choose to believe Miz Port.

Either way, the fight over whether the show WAS scripted? Definitely not scripted!


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Mar 22, 2016 11:57am PDT

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