Mariah Carey Advised NOT To Perform Her Scheduled Birthday Concert In Brussels In The Wake Of Deadly Terror Attacks

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Mariah Carey is touring across Europe this week for her Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour, but she might be making one less stop than planned.

According to reports, the Infinity songstress has been warned not to perform her scheduled concert in Brussels, Belguim in the wake of the fatal terror attacks on Tuesday.

TMZ says Mimi’s security team is “strongly against” the show, because there are multiple reasons why the venue could be a potential target.

Not only is Carey one of the biggest stars in the world, she’s engaged to a billionaire — plus, the concert is special since she’s performing on her birthday.

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But even if the superstar did want to go to her show despite being advised against it, she might have some trouble getting there.

Mimi’s team is worried that the airports will be closed, and the team behind the show — including Mariah — might not even be able to get in!

No final decisions have been made just yet, as Mariah’s people are reportedly waiting to hear from the regional U.S. Embassy before any moves are made.

We hope the show goes on, but safety is the biggest concern — either way, we have a feeling this will all be documented for her upcoming reality show

Do YOU think Mariah will cancel her Brussels birthday concert?

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Mar 22, 2016 3:57pm PDT

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