Tyga Makes An Enemy Out Of ANOTHER Landlord & Is Sued For $75,000 — Uh Oh!

tyga sued again landlord

Yup, Tyga is being sued AGAIN!

Why you may ask?? Well, it looks like the Rack City rapper is once again proving that he is the worst tenant ever as he’s being sued by the landlord who he rented a space from for his Egypt Last Kings Clothing company. Oof!

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Apparently, Kylie Jenner‘s boyfriend up-and-bounced from the property back in June 2015 and the landlord found the space in ruins upon inspection. It’s said the proprietor found that T-Raww had left the doors painted black with Egyptian patterns, the ceiling tiles painted over, and left ink stains all over the floor. Say it ain’t so!

To make matters worse, the landlord is claiming that someone dumped ink into the public sewer system through the drains… which is obviously an environmental hazard. Talk about a face palm moment!

Not surprisingly, the property owner is looking for Tyga to pay him back the $75,000 he spent in repairing all of the damage — oh, and he wants five months of rent too. The bills just keep adding up for Blac Chyna‘s baby daddy, don’t they??

Nonetheless, Tyga isn’t ready to fork over the cash just yet and has defended that the listed problems were all the landlord’s fault. Also, he added that the building wasn’t even up to code.

Hmmm, very inneresting. Who do YOU believe?

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Mar 22, 2016 7:16am PDT

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