Celebrity Chef Wolfgang Puck Reveals That ‘Uptight’ Victoria Beckham Only Eats Steamed Veggies — Talk About A Strict Diet!

victoria beckham spinach diet

Shade alert!

On Tuesday, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck dished about Victoria Beckham‘s eating habits and revealed that she’s ONLY about munching on veggies. Are you REALLY shocked?

The Oscars‘ cook noted that David Beckham and his wife are regulars at his El Lay restaurant Cut — but while the former Spice Girl‘s man likes a nice steak, she’s strictly a steamed vegetables kind of girl. Well that explains how Miz Beckham maintains her svelte figure!

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Puck added:

“David’s there with a steak and she’s there with vegetables.”

Not to mention, the 66-year-old even catered the soccer star’s “Welcome to LA” party when the famous family moved to Hollywood in 2008 so that David could play for El Lay Galaxy. Apparently, Vicky B isn’t necessarily the warmest of diners either.

Wolfgang relayed:

“She’s uptight. Everything has to be right, she’s not interested in talking to anyone.”

Yikes! Luckily, the food expert feels his relationship with the Beckhams is secure as he can “talk and talk” with the British athlete — despite the fact that he’s encountered Mrs. B’s alleged “game face”.

Dang, tell us how you really feel man! Wolfie even warned that if you are planning a meal for Victoria, just make it a plate of spinach with a “touch of salt”. Good to know!

What do YOU think? Is the 41-year-old’s diet a bit much?

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[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

Mar 22, 2016 10:35am PDT

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