Juror Reveals Watching The Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Was A ‘Game Changer’ When Ruling AGAINST Gawker — Oof!

hulk hogan lawsuit juror speaks

It seems like Gawker Media never stood a chance in their legal battle with Hulk Hogan.

On Wednesday, a juror from the case opened up about why exactly the jury laid down such harsh compensatory AND punitive damages to the controversial site.

In case you forgot, the WWE athlete (born Terry Bollea) was awarded with $140 million in damages after the 62-year-old sued the scandalized website for violating his privacy when they posted a sex tape of himself sleeping with his former best friend’s wife.

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Juror Salina Stevens dished that it was after the group viewed the sex tape that they decided Gawker would have to pay a staggering amount. In fact, Miz Stevens said that once she and her peers realized Terry was filmed without his knowledge they sided with him.

She noted:

“When we actually viewed the video, that changed the game. I believe his privacy was violated and that’s not OK. I just feel like, if he knew he was being videotaped he would not have spoken about the things he spoke about. The conversation that was going on between him and the woman in the video, it was very human. And if you are going to be videoed, you would not be talking like that if you know.”

Well that sounds like the media site will have a tough appeal process to win.

What do YOU think? Do you agree with the jury?

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Mar 23, 2016 2:38pm PST

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