Jane Fonda Isn’t Ashamed Of Being A ‘Late-Bloomer’ When It Comes To Feminism & Here’s Why!

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Jane Fonda had an unconventional path towards becoming a feminist and is not afraid to talk about it.

In an essay written for Lena Dunham‘s Lenny Letter, the Grace & Frankie actress opened up about her “slow” journey towards feminism. The A-lister even revealed that in the 1970’s she didn’t fully understand the Women’s Liberation Movement.

However, that all changed when Miz Fonda became a war activist and met several prominent feminists during that time.

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She noted:

“I was slow getting here… The woman said that if there were true equality between women and men, it would be good for both sexes. It’s not a matter of women taking a piece of your pie, it’s about us sharing the pie and making it bigger. It’s a win-win. Boys, men, women, girls, the Earth, everything.”

Although, after years of struggling with an eating disorder, Jane dealt with her own “internalized sexism” as her ideals slowly began to change. The This Is Where I Leave You star continued:

“When I hit adolescence and the specter of womanhood loomed, all that mattered was how I looked and fit in. I sort of ├óΓé¼┬ª hollowed out. Almost everything interesting about me scooped itself out and took up residence alongside the empty, disembodied me.”

In fact, the Hollywood icon intentionally surrounded herself with men while she battled with her body issues because she felt they wouldn’t notice her problem. How sad!

It wasn’t until Jane turned 60 that she became fully ready to accept a feminist outlook on life. She added:

“When I turned 60 and entered my third and final act, I decided that, no matter how scary it was, I needed to heal the wounds patriarchy had dealt me. I didn’t want to come to the end of my life without doing all I could to become a whole, full-voiced woman.”

LOVES it! While it may’ve taken her sometime to get here, Fonda doesn’t seem to regret her path one bit.

The Oscar winner concluded:

“It took me 30 years to get it, but it’s OK to be a late bloomer as long as you don’t miss the flower show.”

Well said! We couldn’t be more impressed with everything Jane has overcome to get where she is today.

Snaps all around!

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Mar 23, 2016 2:19pm PDT

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