Justin Bieber’s Scary ‘Security Incident’ REVEALED — What Actually Forced The Pop Star To Cancel Meet & Greets With Fans?

justin bieber security incident

Ahhh the price of fame.

As you may know, Justin Bieber‘s Purpose World Tour recently revealed that they’d be eliminating the Sorry singer’s one-on-one meet and greets and would be replacing it with group hangout sessions after a “security incident” left the A-lister feeling mentally and physically exhausted.

Something pretty serious must’ve happened to risk pissing off Beliebers! On Wednesday, TMZ dished that the reported incident occurred earlier this week when a potentially dangerous fan, who is obsessed with the Biebs, got within 10 feet of him during one of his meet ups.

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It’s said that this fan was actually already on a “watch list” from Justin’s security detail and that while the 22-year-old didn’t notice that the follower had gotten so close, his bodyguards certainly did as they became alarmed and had her removed from the area. How scary!

Apparently, this is the last straw for the pop star as he has also had to deal with fans pulling his hair, giving him the flu, and ripping his clothes. That sounds like a literal nightmare.

Not to mention, Justin’s bodyguards have struggled with maintaining the numbers that come to meet Selena Gomez‘s ex. Oof!

Although Justin supposedly never complained, Monday’s situation fueled the protection team’s decision to change up the meet up policy. Well, safety first!

Starting immediately, the I’ll Show You VIP package will have Justin addressing his fans in person — but safely placed on a stage away from the masses. Luckily for Friday’s Vegas concertgoers, J.B. is planning to maintain those premium one-on-one meetings.

Still, we can’t blame fans who are upset that they shelled out anywhere between $900 to $2,000 to get close to Justin. We guess you just can’t win ’em all!

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Mar 23, 2016 8:01am PDT

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