Starbucks Plans To Donate Daily Leftovers To The Needy! Get The Kindhearted Deets!

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Starbucks may not be doing anything to get its baristas to spell your name right, but at least it’s planning to minimize food waste in U.S. locations!

The coffee titan is teaming up with the Food Donation Connection and Feeding America to donate all of its leftover prepared meals to food banks!

With the program known as FoodShare, the organizations will pick up food at 7,600 U.S. Starbucks and redistribute it daily!

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Starbucks has been working with the FDC since 2010 to donate leftover pastries, and have now found a way to add perishable foods to the pick up at the end of the day.

Brand manager Jane Maly said in a press release:

“The challenge was finding a way to preserve the food’s quality during delivery. We focused on maintaining the temperature, texture and flavor of the surplus food, so when it reached a person in need, they could safely enjoy it.”

Starbucks plans to donate 100% of left over products at participating stores, estimating about 5 million meals will be donated at the end of the FoodShare program’s first year!

That will make a HUGE impact, as Feeding America notes that 70 billion pounds of food are wasted in the States every year!

We think this is an AH-Mazing idea, and hope that other restaurants start follow suit. After all, all food is beautiful and deserves to be eaten equally!

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Mar 23, 2016 4:46pm PDT

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