Adele Teases Mariah Carey’s Diva Attitude During A Concert! Find Out Why She Thinks Mimi ‘Should Be In The Bible’!

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Everyone has their opinions on Mariah Carey, but Adele knows that the iconic diva is nothing short of a deity!

The British crooner had a spontaneous Q&A sesh with her audience during a concert Wednesday night at the O2 Arena in London — and things got pretty conversational!

While crouching down and rocking a Union Jack flag cape, the When We Were Young songstress chatted with the stadium about the “ridiculous” pressure of breastfeeding and even sang happy birthday to a fan!

Video: Adele Twerks During Her London Concert!

But things got interesting when Adele brought up a diva remark Mimi made in a recent interview with The Sunday Times’ Style where she said that her rented home had “abusive lighting.”

Though it looked like the 27-year-old was about to throw some shade for a second, she made it clear that she worshiped The Elusive Chanteuse, saying:

“She is so biblical, that lady. It’s a joke. I absolutely adore her.”

And after a fan pointed out that Mariah would be performing at the same venue the next day, Adele totally fangirled, quipping:

“She’s here [at the O2 Arena] tomorrow? Oh my god, I’ll leave a secret note somewhere! I love her. She is! I think she should be in the bible.”

We’re not sure what Mimi thinks about Adele, but we have a feeling she’ll rest easy knowing she’s worshiped!

Watch the fan footage (below) and look around the 2:00 mark for the Carey comments!

[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

Mar 25, 2016 11:56am PDT

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