Ashton Kutcher Prefers To ‘Inspire Ideas’ Instead Of Gossip Now That He’s A Proud Dad!

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Ashton Kutcher is so different now that he’s a dad!

Before Mila Kunis gave birth the couple’s daughter Wyatt Isabelle, Ashton was best known for hashing out tons of personal info on Twitter. For a minute there, the actor seemed a bit obsessed with divulging all his deets to the web… especially when he was married to Demi Moore!

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Now that A.K. is an exceptionally proud poppa, he’s done with trying to control the gossip surrounding his life. In an interview with Parade Magazine, the social media whiz revealed that he used to be more open in an effort to control “tabloid fodder”.

Elaborating on his stance, Ash explained:

“At one point I thought, ‘Heck, if I share things first and I have control what it is that I’m sharing, maybe it’ll devalue the tabloid story fodder’. Ultimately, that came to be something that was untrue. Now the things that I share on social media are stories that inspire ideas, that connect people, that educate people.”

Sounds like a good plan! Not to mention it seems to be working considering Mr. Kutcher is becoming more influential in the tech world.

The added bonus of the 38-year-old’s reformation is that his ideals now align more closely with fatherhood:

“Having a child takes whatever table you’re sitting at, flips it upside down and switches all your priorities around. It’s unexplainable. I have a new number-one priority. Only parents understand the absolute awe of parenthood.”

What wise words! We’re glad to hear Ashton has finally found his footing with social media!

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Mar 25, 2016 3:21pm PDT

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