Father ‘Marries’ His Terminally Ill Daughter To Fulfill Promise Of The ‘Wedding Of Her Dreams’!

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This is such a sad story!

When doctors gave a toddler in Britain just two days to live due to a rare and fatal brain tumor, her father decided to do the only thing he could for her — the wedding of her dreams that the father had promised her as a baby!

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Back in February, Andy Barnard, a member of Britain’s Royal Air Force based in Norfolk, noticed something was off about his 16-month-old daughter Poppy-Mai.

After taking her to the hospital, Andy and his wife Sammi were given the worst news imaginable: Poppy-Mai had just days to live.

Sammi, who initially took Poppy-Mai to the doctor, explained:

“Her calcium levels were way too high and they had to address that first before they could start to work out what was wrong. At the worst I thought she maybe had a really bad infection. The consultant sat me down and said: ‘You know this is much worse than constipation now, don’t you.’ I did. But when he said they suspected cancer I was shocked.”

Obviously, that was the worst thing Andy — or any parent — could hear, especially given the very special promise he made her:

“From the moment we found out Poppy-Mae was a girl I’ve said she’d have the wedding of her dreams one day. I never ever thought it would be like this. Our hearts are broken forever, but I wanted to keep my promise to my princess. It wasn’t how I imagined, but she got her wedding day.”

On March 19, Andy, Sammi, and Poppy-Mai’s big brothers Rylee and Jenson-Jay took part in an impromptu wedding ceremony for the precious little girl.

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Though just 16 months old and obviously not aware of the meaning of the ceremony, Poppy-Mai did manage to stay awake through the entire thing, later falling asleep in her daddy’s arms with his promise fulfilled, even if only in the last days of her life.

Ugh. So sad!!!

What this family is going through is just the worst.

Poppy-Mai is still fighting for her life even now a week after the wedding, but if you want to help them in their time of need, they have set up a fundraising page — click HERE to do so!

What do U think of this story — sweet and meaningful gesture by the father, or what?!

[Image via The Journal of Poppy-Mai/Facebook.]

Mar 25, 2016 12:31pm PST

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