If You Bought One Of Those Canceled Meet And Greet Packages On Justin Bieber’s Purpose World Tour, Don’t Expect To Ever See Any Money Back!

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Justin, Justin, Justin… what are you doing?!

It appears Justin Bieber — who was initially offering group and individual meet and greets with fans on his Purpose Tourhas decided to cancel them completely, and nobody is getting any money back for the trouble!

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Initially, it was supposed to go down that fans could pay $925 to meet Justin in a group setting on tour, or they could even put up a whopping $2,000 to meet him individually… but things have changed.

Now, according to our sources, nobody is getting any money back that they’ve dumped on these now canceled meet and greets!!!

It all started with some meet and greet changes on the tour a couple days ago (below):

Two days ago, apparently, the Biebs canceled all of his $925 meet and greets, and was set to go through with the $2,000 ones — leading to some anger from fans, as to be expected.

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But even though his team was still citing “security purposes” for the reason as to why JB was canceling meet and greets, fans are skeptical.

Then, late Thursday night, news swung that EVERYTHING was off… and nobody was getting any refunds!!!

Ooof. So you get no meet and greet, you get no VIP privileges, and yet if you don’t pay the $925 or $2,000… you lose your ticket to the show.

What the what?!

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That is no way to treat your fans!!!

What do U think about this Bieber tour mess??

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[Image via Will Alexander/WENN.]

Mar 26, 2016 11:17am PDT

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