Jennifer Lopez Turns On The Waterworks When Discussing How Her Twins Changed Her Life!

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Jennifer Lopez loves her kids SO much!

In an emotional interview with People Magazine and Entertainment Weekly, Jennifer opened up about how her two adorable twins changed her life for the better. In fact, little Max and Emme were revealed to be the inspiration for the singer’s mega hit On The Floor!

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Following the birth of her babies in 2008, J.L. spoke on how her life changed in a dramatic yet wonderful way:

“While I had given birth and the kids honestly just gave me a new direction. They just made me realize … what was real and what wasn’t real. They just changed everything.”

Aw, how precious!

Not only did the beauty fall head over heels for her children, she also credits them for inspiring her to do better personally and creatively:

“I started asking more questions of myself of love, of what was right, of what was wrong. I knew for their life to be great, I had to be great and I needed to fix some things and that is where the music came from. On the Floor honestly was me again going, ‘Oh yeah, get back out there! You’re an animal. You’re a beast. Pull up your panties and get back out there.'”

We bet this new attitude helped the New York native overcome her divorce from Marc Anthony and residual heartbreak over Ben Affleck… there’s nothing like a shift in priorities to heal old wounds!

P.S. Thanks for On The Floor, Max and Emme!

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Mar 28, 2016 2:09pm PDT

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