The Biological Father Of Madonna’s Son David Banda Is NOT Happy With The Singer’s Bitter Custody Battle Over Rocco!

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The judge presiding over Madonna and Guy Ritchie‘s custody battle isn’t the only one not pleased with this ugly situation!

In an interview with The Sun, Yohane Banda, the biological father of Madge and Guy’s adopted son David Banda, revealed he’s FURIOUS over the icon’s personal life at the moment. The Malawi resident originally gave up David for adoption back in 2006 but has had sporadic visitation with the boy over the years.

According to the father, he’s very angry that D.B.’s pre-planned trip to visit for Easter was cancelled due to the singer’s fears that he wouldn’t return like her eldest son Rocco Ritchie. Yohane is also upset by the icon’s “shocking” lifestyle now that she’s single.

From Yohane’s very modest home in the remote village of Chipunga, he spewed:

“What I have heard about Madonna’s lifestyle since her divorce from Guy sounds quite shocking. Her having much younger boyfriends isn’t in line with Malawian culture at all. David would not be exposed to that sort of thing here. It’s not how we live. We have strong family values.”

Woah! That’s some major shade, Mr. Banda!

Yohane continued:

“Although we live a simple life, there’s never things like huge arguments between the parents at home. Everyone is happy and smiling and laughing all the time. My children are all very close and have lots of fun together, which is how life should be for brothers and sisters. One child living in New York and another in London sounds like an unhappy situation to me.”

Ouch. While by all accounts the Rebel Heart star is an amazing mother to David and all of her children, this has got to sting. Especially since the beauty is the one who has facilitated visits between the boy and his biological father for all these years!

To make matters worse, the elder Banda also alleges that Guy is just as bad as Madonna and that the film director has no genuine interest in his son:

“I don’t want David to follow Rocco’s decision to go and live with Guy now either. I never got the impression that Guy was interested in adopting David. It was Madonna who wanted to take David to live with her. The only reason I let Madonna adopt David was because she promised me she would give him a good education and then he could come home to live with me.”

Ugh… what a terrible situation all around. The last thing this scandal needs is another angle of negativity!

Let’s just hope the exes heed the judge’s warning and work out their custody disagreement in an amicable matter. It’s what’s best for Rocco, after all!

[Image via AP Images/Instagram.]

Mar 28, 2016 12:37pm PDT

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