Batman V Superman Was SO DISAPPOINTING Fans Are Petitioning To Remove Zack Snyder As Director From The Justice League!

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Despite its heroic box office earnings, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has fans divided — and NOT about which DC Comics hero they’re rooting for!

Not everyone hated the superhero flick, but BvS was generally panned by the critics, which shook some fans’ faith in director Zack Snyder!

Regardless of the film’s lack of critical praise, the DC cinematic universe is about to expand faster than Ben Affleck‘s biceps, and not everyone wants Snyder in charge of that show — specifically, helming the upcoming Justice League movie!

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Even though the filmmaker has a very specific vision in mind for the film that will assemble The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and more comic book faves, fans are urging Warner Bros. to kick their golden director to the curb!

Not one, but TWO petitions started on are specifically requesting the removal of Snyder from the franchise!

The first petition is based in the U.S., and requests that another filmmaker be put in charge to handle the Justice League movie, claiming that it would be better to have a director who wasn’t so polarizing in the fandom.

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The second petition, based out of India, is much harsher on Snyder — asking that the director be completely removed from the DC universe. This petition credits Snyder’s ability to create stunning visuals, but sacrifices the story in the process.

Both petitions were started before the actual release of BvS, and have appeared to gain most of their support over the past few days — which even after being combined, are still shy of 1000 supporters.

We’re all for voicing opinions, but there’s no way WB will dump one of their biggest directors after his latest film was a huge commercial success — especially not for a bunch of disgruntled fans, who will probably STILL be watching Snyder’s Justice League movie on opening night.

Do YOU agree with these petitions?

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Mar 29, 2016 2:28pm PDT

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