Brad Pitt Proves He’s An Everyday Handy Man With A Trip To A London Hardware Store!

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Just call Brad Pitt Mr. Fix It!

On Monday, Brad was spotted taking a trip to local hardware store alongside his seven-year-old son Knox. The actor is currently in London town filming an untitled World War II spy drama.

Naturally, Mr. Pitt’s visit to the average shop sparked a lot of fanfare amongst the locals. Many sources were absolutely SHOCKED to see the poppa browsing through tools just like everyone else!

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An excited onlooker gushed to People Magazine about the life altering sighting:

“Nobody knew he was in the store until he went to the till. Then everybody was like ‘Oh my God, it’s Brad Pitt! What’s he doing in here?!'”

Ha! You would think the Queen of England strolled in based off this amped up recollection!

Another staffer said of the event:

“It was totally random. He just puttered around like any other customer. Nobody knew he was coming, so nothing special was laid on. But then he’s just a person like everyone else, isn’t he? He just has a different job and earns a bit more money than most. He was very down to earth and polite and his son was very well behaved. They were not ‘movie starry’ at all.”

Aww! We’re glad to hear Knox is one “well-behaved” little kiddo!

Hopefully we hear more of these average joe Brad stories soon — we just love it!

[Image via Mattel/WENN.]

Mar 29, 2016 5:30pm PDT

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