Donald Trump Goes On The Attack After Campaign Manager’s Assault Charges — The Candidate Blames The Victim AND Talks Charges Of His Own!

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Every time you think Donald Trump couldn’t get any worse, he finds a new way to get lower and lower.

On Tuesday afternoon, The Donald went into full-on meltdown mode over the charges his campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is now facing regarding the politico’s alleged assault of Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields.

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While Trump’s campaign has already indicated they will very strongly stand by Lewandowski as he goes through the court system, they are now turning their sights on Fields herself!

The Donald spoke to reporters on Tuesday afternoon, claiming he doesn’t “discard people,” and indicating he was going to stick by Lewandowski until the very end.

Watch his press conference (below):

Yeah, maybe all those people he’s fired on The Apprentice — or in real life — might have something to say about Trump not discarding people, but OK…

The real story here is Trump heading on the offensive to go after Fields, insinuating in that video and also posting to Twitter (below) that it was actually Fields who touched him — and not the other way around with Lewandowski!

The Donald also shared a screenshot from the security video that he mentioned in the interview (above).

In it, he shows what appears to be him moving his right arm away from Fields to avoid contact with her (below):

And then he went right after Fields with her own statement (below):


This could end really badly for The Donald, considering he “doesn’t discard” people… if Lewandowski is found guilty, Trump is going to look really bad.

And, if Trump has to eventually dump the campaign manager after so much toxicity, the real estate mogul is going to look like a hypocrite.

Above all, though, it’s a bad look to go after the victim with aggressive, shameful tweets.

Let the courts decide, Donald! You should know… you’ve done questionable stuff and been in court a time or two yourself…

[Image via Donald Trump/Twitter/ABC.]

Mar 29, 2016 6:56pm PDT

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