Uber Driver Took A 20-Mile Detour While His Passenger Slept! Find Out How Much The Rider Was Overcharged!

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A London man who fell asleep in an Uber got a very rude awakening on Monday.

Daniel Kaizen was heading home in an Uber early Monday morning after drinking with friends at a pub when he dozed off during the ride.

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That trip — which was only five miles at its shortest route and should have cost the 26-year-old about $20 — turned into a meandering journey ALL THE WAY AROUND LONDON when the driver decided to take advantage of the sleeping Kaizen and run up the bill!!!

The result?! When Daniel woke up the next morning and was prompted to rate his driver on a screen with the route, he found out he’d been charged nearly $150 for an hour-and-a-half trip around town!!

Damn, Daniel!!!

The poor guy tweeted his surprise by sharing an unbelievable map of the wacky, roundabout route (below):

What the what?!

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That’s worse than just ripping off a few bucks here or there — that is SO malicious!

A $130 overcharge on what should have been a 10- or 15-minute ride?!


Uber has publicly apologized, and said they will refund the money in the next five days.

Let’s hope that penance includes firing this driver… right?!

What would U do if you were overcharged that much on an Uber ride??

Mar 29, 2016 5:12pm PST

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