Cameron Diaz Wants You To See How She’s Aging!

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Cameron Diaz has always been real.

Despite all the excessive makeup and false realities in Hollywood, Cameron has earned the admirable reputation as a down to earth and accessible actress.

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On Wednesday, the blonde reaffirmed her next door girl status by announcing the launch of her book on aging titled Longevity. The beauty also donned a makeup free (and gorgeous!) mug to mark the big occasion.

In her message, Cam encouraged women to embrace a simpler lifestyle to ease into and ACCEPT growing old. In fact, C.D. says there’s nothing wrong with tacking on the years since it’s just apart of life!

Take a look at Diaz’s original post (below)!

Elaborating on her announcement, the California native explained in her original post:

“Of course we all live with different circumstances that can make it difficult to make our well being a priority. There are always challenges that make pretty good excuses as to why you can’t exercise, eat well, get the proper rest and not able to connect with the ones we love. Those excuses usually have one thing in common and that is TIME, specifically the lack of it. But to add time to your lifetime you have to make time for the things that impact your health and wellness the most. That’s just what needs to be done. That being said I have some good news for you.

You see the five pillars of wellbeing and living a long happy healthy life happen to be activities that for the most part we all do already; eating, moving your body, getting a good nights sleep, relief of stress, and connecting with the ones we love. That doesn’t seem too hard right? If all we have to do to live a healthy life is to eat well, move our bodies, sleep well, release stress and love the people around us, that sounds a lot like living doesn’t it?”

What a poignant message. There’s no reason why aging has to be a battle!

Considering fans seemed to love Cameron’s last book titled Body, we have no doubt this one will do just as well. Who knows, maybe the the actress’ next successful installment will tackle pregnancy…

For those wanting more info on the book, you can read the 43-year-old’s post HERE.

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Mar 30, 2016 5:14pm PDT

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