Donald Trump Isn’t The Worst Person Ever For Once — Watch Him Meet With Terminally Ill Former Miss Wisconsin At Rally

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We’re not afraid to give credit where it’s due… this is a pretty positive moment for him.

Donald Trump may be our least favorite politician still in the running for the Presidency, but he hasn’t completely offended every person he’s worked with throughout his career.

Take his most recent rally in Janesville, for example — the GOP front-runner was speaking to his supporters on Tuesday when former Miss Wisconsin Melissa Consin Young took over the mic to share a softer side of The Donald.

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Melissa is currently suffering from terminal autonomic failure — an incurable neural condition — but wanted to let America know that her old Miss USA boss has actually been crucial in helping her and her family!

Apparently, Donald wrote the beauty queen a letter back in 2005 calling her “the bravest woman [he] know[s,]” and now she’s publicly thanking him for the gesture, saying:

“I wanted to thank you because through you and your organizations, my son, a Mexican-American, through your organizations and just being able to stand on that stage with you in 2005, and the outpouring of love, ultimately provided my son with a full-ride to college.

Why can’t he be this kind all of the time??

Oh right — because he’s still a sexist and a racist

Ch-ch-check out Donald and Melissa’s heartwarming interaction (below)!!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Mar 30, 2016 1:44pm PDT

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